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DIY – copper spray

Instagram is a fantastic source for inspiration. I end every night looking at the pictures at Instagram and collect tips and ideas for upcoming projects. One of the best people lately is Maren Svenseid who was brave and sprayed her tolix chairs with copper paint. They became really cool! The spray she bought at the Swedish retailer Biltema. You can spray whatever you feel like: light holders, lamps… Time for some DYI!

d245d73287f911e2b65722000a1fb376_7f2dc492e3fad11e39edf22000ae916b0_8Thanks for letting me borrow the pictures, Maren.


Flowers and fruit

Got a little autumn bouquet and put it in the fruit bowl. It looked really nice and the colours warmed up, together with my favourite cook book,  my white and blue kitchen. A little spot in red tones can change an entire room.





Marine interior design

If you want to create a lovely, light marine atmosphere in your home, I recommend that you stick to three colors: white, dark brown and blue in different tones. Red can be used as an accent color, and if you really want to stick out use orange. By balancing the proportions of white and dark brown you can change the appearance of the room. Then add different marine interior details. They must have a real marine look, no mainstream stuff from your local interior shop. I have collected some favorites below.

Example 1: white walls, white painted floor/light ship deck, white vertical wooden panel, marine inspired beige or blue wallpaper, and finally a white sofa and armchair. Coffee table and side board can be dark brown, pillows mainly blue maybe an occasional red.

Example 2: white walls, white/blue sofa and armchair, dark brown floor, coffee table and sideboard.

Here you can see examples of some fantastic interior details with a marine look. Below you finds links to the web shops that sell the items.


Nautical Living


Ellis Corner



Par Courrier

Ocean House


Bland kobbar & skär

Ocean Spirit

Port House


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